Welcome to the Dig Database - an annotated bibliographic database containing reference information for published and unpublished literature, with particular relevance to coal mine rehabilitation in Qld and NSW. The database consists of fundamental reference information for relevant articles including the type of article, title, author and publication date, in addition to annotations which provide further details on each record.


Dig was developed to create a centralised source of references, and with the support of advanced search features, it allows rapid access to a large bibliography of coal mine rehabilitation related work. Dig provides the Australian Coal Industry with a valuable rehabilitation research tool, thus allowing improvements in rehabilitation processes in areas of economy, efficiency, quality, biodiversity, sustainability and relinquishment.


Please note that due to reasons of copyright, storage and accessibility, entire documents are not included in the Dig coal mine rehabilitation reference database.  The database includes full bibliographic information which is complemented with further annotations where available, such as table of contents, abstracts and accessibility information to assist in accessing articles if desired.